'We believe naively that the progress of Good, its advance in all fields (science, technology, democracy, human rights), corresponds to a defeat of Evil. No one seems to have understood that Good and Evil advance together, as part of the same movement.'

'The Spirit of Terrorism'; Jean Baudrillard; Verso; London, NewYork; 2002; ISBN 1-85984-448-0

This project consists of two independent 'art - newspapers'- which are interpretations of two different kinds of information published on a particular day within the Metro newspaper. (This daily newspaper, provided in large quantities free of charge to travelers on the London Underground metro system, and is therefore seen by a large number of people.)

The work, entitled 'Daily News Agency' and 'NONCommercial Agency', belongs to my long-term interest in the subject matter of the identity of the contemporary world. 'Daily News Agency' and 'NONCommercial Agency' conceptually re-examine the content of the information that is offered to the public on an everyday basis.

'Daily News Agency' (magenta colour), addresses the amount of news coverage of negative events that were reported on that particular day. This is achieved through a process of 'censorship', where all other information except for the 'bad' news, is physically deleted.

'NONCommercial Agency' (black colour) looks at the issue of the commercial aspects of newspapers, by including only the advertisements published in the 'Metro' newspaper of that particular day. Everything but the advertisements is omitted, while the advertisements themselves are blacked out in order to emphasize the amount of space in the newspaper taken up by them alone.

The 'bringing to life' of this project was a long and painful experience.
The preparation for the project consisted of a prolonged period of research, reading most of the newspapers published in London on a daily basis for more than six months. The 'reality' of our lives portrayed to the public on an everyday basis through the newspaper's information, is a battle yard of the killed and wounded, of diseases and disasters, the corrupted and those who corrupt. It is the world of hatred, of murderers, terrorists and rapists. The amount of 'bad' in the world is scary… the world is scary… re-digesting it in order to find space for compassion, is a necessity.

The actual process of rewriting and adjusting every single word from the original 'Metro' layout, into the new layout based on and interpreting the original, was like 'walking through hell, together with the rest of the word'.

My work strives to re-examine the reality of our society, by exposing the 'Bad' within it, with the intention of 'opening the door for Good to come in.'

The Project 'Daily News Agency' and 'NONCommercial Agency' (in newspaper form) can be found in the Serpentine Gallery Bookshop, the ICA and in other quality bookshops in London. The project is also part of the 'Modern British Collections' at the British Library in London and the Centre Pompidou in Paris, France.

Nada Prjla is a Macedonian artist living and working in London