Press to Exit project space is dedicated to promoting production, research, discussions and exhibitions that focus on current contemporary art practices and concepts. The program is focused on exploring new ways of generating ideas, projects and collaborations with artists and curators form Macedonia and abroad through the Visiting Curatorial Initiative, New Project Productions and Lectures, Presentations and Exhibition series.

Press to Exit project space is supported by the Swiss Cultural Programme South East Europe and Ukraine, the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, and other partners.

press to exit project space is run by Yane Calovski (artistic director) and Biljana Tanurovska (managing director).

Visiting Curatorial Initiative aims to stimulate and support the research and implementation of new curatorial projects by emerging and established international and regional curators.
Curators invited in 2005 were Natasa Petresin (Slovenia), Basak Senova (Turkey), Sebastian Cichocki (Poland) and Goran Petrovic (Serbia and Montenegro). During the working residency, the curator is engaged in developing a project that could be realized in Skopje as well as abroad. To stimulate the research, press to exit project space assists the curator by facilitating meetings with artists, curators, museums, and other art institutions in Skopje, as well as with other institutions and individuals from the region that could be of interest. The curator is expected to make a presentation or a workshop that will focus on their curatorial research and process. In 2006 we expect to implement the project by Basak Senova, and begein new productions with Agneizka Kurant (Poland) and marko Stamenkovic (Serbia and Montenegro).

New Project Productions is a program that engages Macedonian artists and curators in commissioning and producing of new works. The artists invited in 2005 included OPA & HA, Dejan Sapsovic, Liljana Guzelova, and Aleksandar Stankoski. In 2006 we are developing a new project with drawing and comic book artist Goran Dachev and two curatorial teams Biljana Isijanin and Marjan Denkov with the exhibition "Space Off" and Elena Veljanovska, Hristijan panev, and Boris Petkovski with the exhibition "Zipp Code(d)" with basak Senova as a curatorial adviser for both projects.

The Lectures, Presentations and Exhibitions series is an ongoing program that welcomes interested individuals, groups, organizations, and institutions, to present recent projects, publications, and recent productions. Guests include the first solo exhibition in Estern Europe by Wolfgang Tillmans, lectures by Marjetica Potrc and Kyong Park, and a collaborative projects between Kristen Baumlier and Nathaniel Persons of the USA and Hristina Ivanoska (Macedonia).

Press to exit project space: Selected program 2005

January 17 - February 20
NPP: "Transformation of press to exit project space into VIZAN - lounge café"
OPA&HA in collaboration with Dejan Spasovic
In January 2005 OPA&HA Professional Site Specific Installers (Slobodanka Stevceska, Denis Saraginovski and Sasho Talevski) has signed a contract for realization of a installation "Transformation of the gallery "press to exit" into a lounge café" with representatives of the press to exit project space - Hristina Ivanoska, Yane Calovski and Biljana Tanurovska, as investors, solicitors and mediators, and Dejan Spasovic as a customer of the installation during the period 14 - 19 February. The creative as well as the technical work on the installation made in accordance with the customer's requirements started on 17 January and were completed on 13 February.

March 10 - 25
VCI: Sebastian Cichocki (Poland)
Polish curator Sebastian Cichocki (1975) was the first guest in the Visiting Curatorial Initiative. His program was consisted of exhibition titled "compulsive_handmades"; curator's talk about the Polish art scene illustrated with short films and slide projection; and three days of screenings of selected films by Artur Zmijevski and Pawel Althamer, Mariola Brillowska, and Azorro Group and Igor Krenz. Meetings with local curators, artists and cultural institutions and organizations were part of his working visit. Additionally in collaboration with the Museum of Contemporary Art in Skopje, Sebastian Cichocki presented the project by Oskar Hansen "Process and Art" - competition entry, Museum of Modern Art, Skopje, 1966.

May 22 - 31
VCI: Goran Petrovic (Serbia and Montenegro)
Goran Petrovic (1977) was the second curator invited through the Visiting Curatorial Initiative. During his working stay he curated the exhibition "20/21" exhibiting the works by Dejan Kaludjerovic, Sinisa Ilic, Vladimir Radisic, Nikola Pesic, Ivan Grubanov. After intense reserch phase he also included the works by three Macedonian artists Slavica Janeslieva, Mirna Arsovska and Igor Tosevski. He also did a public presentation focused on his curatorial practice and expiriences. Meetings with local curators, artists and cultural institutions and organizations were part of his working visit.

June 14 - July 1
VCI: Basak Senova (Turkey)
Turkish curator Basak Senova (1970) was the third curator in the program. She did three presentations focusing on her long-term project NOMAD as well as art works and short films by various artists from Europe and the Middle East she has coillaborated. From June 26-29 she moderated a workshop on curatorial practices with including 10 young Macedonian curators and artists. The case stady was the "The 23rd International Contemporary Artists Istanbul and Diyarbakir Exhibition" curated by Eyal Danon, Anton Lederer and Basak Senova. 3 Exhibition proposals were develeoped that will be curated by the participants of the workshop and exhibited in Press to exit in February and March of 2006. Meetings with local curators, artists and cultural institutions and organizations were part of her working visit.

August 15
LPE: Lecture: Faith Walding and Paige Sarlin (USA)
Lecture by a young artist and a theoretician on the subject of contemporary gender analysis in the USA. Organized in partnership with PAC Multimedia - Skopje.

October 10 - 31
LPE: Exhibition: Wolfgang Tillmans
Exhibition by the one of the most important photographers working today - a German artist based in London - Wolfgang Tillmans, winner of the prestigious "Turner prize" in 2000. The exhibition and the visit of the artist were organized in partnership with MASSO - Macedonian Association for Free Sexual Orientation in the framework of the festival "Love is Love". This is a first solo show of the artist in the Balkans. One of the supporters of the festival is the Swiss Cultural Programme Macedonia.

November 24
NPP: Aleksandar Stankoski: Penetration in EU
One evening performance with a political, socio-cultural and discursive logic, focusing on the Macedonian aspiration to be part of the EU. Aleksandar Stankovski is one of the leading Macedonian artists and this was his first performance work since the late 1980's.