• Editors :
  • Raluca Voinea
    Founder and editor
    Art critic and curator

    Simona Nastac
    Art critic and curator

    Eduard Constantin

    Madalin Geana

    Angelica Iacob
    Marketing and PR
    Art historian and critic

e-cart.ro is a contemporary art magazine in an exclusively electronic format. It is an independent and not-for-profit initiative, founded in 2003 by Raluca Voinea, Simona Nastac, Eduard Constantin and Madalin Geana.

e-cart.ro is based on contributions, with written materials and pictures, from its permanent collaborators and correspondents, but also from artists, curators, art critics, etc., who vary with each issue of the magazine.

With the materials included (exhibition reviews, interviews, artists' portfolios and projects presentations), e-cart.ro aims at creating a space of encounter between the contemporary art in Romania with the one abroad, but also to present, alongside with images, a series of texts, belonging to art critics, curators or artists, which interpret/put into context the artistic projects.

The juridical responsibility for the texts published in e-cart.ro belongs to the authors. All the materials are exclusively for e-cart.ro, with the exception of those where differently mentioned.

The images and texts published in e-cart.ro cannot be reproduced without the permission of the authors/editors . Translation of the texts: Raluca Voinea, except for those where differently mentioned


e-cart is a beneficiary of the program "Marketing for cultural organizations" developed by add


H.arta (Maria Crista, Anca Gyemant, Rodica Tache) collaborators artists




Catalin Gheorghe

collaborator art critic & theorist citizen_ka@yahoo.com

Marta Jecu

correspondent art critic, visual anthropologue zarzarii@yahoo.com

Lia si Dan Perjovschi collaborators artists perjovschi@yahoo.com
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