Keiner schiebt uns weg/ No one shifts us away

Video\audio installation

In 1981 after victory followed by over three years of struggle a record was pressed, documenting the activity of 29 women who fought for equal rights in their company called "Heinze photo druck und papier" in Gelsenkirchen.

The workers union published the record. On the record one can hear the radio broadcast of the reports on the struggle, songs sang by the women and other voices that made this event.

After I came across the record I decided to follow the trace of history on it by trying to find out what happened to the women and how they look at the event today.

I tracked down three of the women who took part in the struggle. The result was an installation in the Gelsenkirchen Kunstverein, which is made of two parts:

The first part is a video of an interview I made with the "heinze frauen" (The "Heinze women" as the press use to call them) where they tell about their experience during these years. Part of the video shows the women listening to the record and reacting to the memories that the sound activates.

The second part of the installation is a record player with the record and a film (the film has no sound) that was made by one of the colleagues during the last demonstration in Kassel in 1981.

The visitor can listen to the record while watching the film so the record becomes a loose soundtrack to the amateur film on the same subject.