Klaus, Klaus comes by foot, 2001-2003

6 Continents

Serge Ziegler Galerie Zürich

Artforum Berlin 2001

The Project New York

Centre Culturel Suisse Paris The whole of Klaus's person is "exhibited"-physically as well as immaterially. Klaus's relationship to his surroundings as well as the reaction and participation of the outside world in Klaus's person is the performative form of the artwork. Klaus Bockting was "exhibited" in the Serge Ziegler Galerie in May 2001 and for two weeks during the course of the exhibition he could move freely through the city. Another presentation with Klaus Bockting took place at Artforum Berlin in 2001. Further editions of Klaus, Klaus kommt auch zu Fuß were presented at the New York gallery The Project and at the Centre Culturel Suisse in Paris in which Rose Marie Klaus, who lives in New York, was "exhibited." The work that consists of the presence or absence of Klaus is documented using a variety of media.


"Ein Kunstagent in Sachen Zürich", Tagesanzeiger Zürich, May 2001, by Simon Maurer

"Nachgefragt", ART nr. 7, Juli 2001, by Christine Kremer

"Chronik der angesagten Normalität", d´Land Kultur, Oktober 2001, by Boris Kremer

"Klaus, Klaus kommt zu Fuß", Balkon nr.8, September 2001, by Dan Perjovschi

Artforum Berlin 2001, Bericht+Klaus statement about the artfair, ORB, October 2001

"Weekend Update", Artnet.com, 16.01.2002, by Walter Robinson

"Out in New York, People", Artnet.com, 10.01.2002, by Mary Barone

Space Co-Opted, 2001

Ricci Albenda, Robert Barry, Art Domantay

Gretchen Faust, Jonathan Horowitz

Cary Leibowitz/Candyass, Siobhan Liddell

Sol LeWitt, Kara Walker, Karin Sander

36 x 26 x 14Feet

Gallery Andrew Kreps, New York

The Project, New York

The group exhibition Space Co-opted was appropriated along with all the works exhibited and published as information on a nameplate in the Andrew Kreps Gallery. The narration that resulted from the published information was passed on by word of mouth. The documentation emerged from the media. The basic idea of this "immaterial" work was that are is transported as information, circulating in the art world and thus constantly transforming. The materialization of the work though the media as a time log becomes the public level of the artwork.


"Voice choices", by Levin, Village Voice 17.07.2001