Diango Hernàndez 2005


Video object

TV set, book, cables, metal wire net, DVD player, video loop Variable dimensions.


Somebody is sending some massage but we can't see him and probably we can't understand what he is saying because he is using a Morse code. The Morse code is an old-fashioned and basic way of communication and is related with some particular historical issues as well as with some extreme communication circumstances. To emit a signal always imply a receiver, when the receiver is absent there's not communication and as a consequence the sender is just emitting signals to the empty space, to the ether, then his situation could develop into desperation and isolation.

RED WAVES present the spectator as the receiver and also as the sender but in both cases he couldn't understand what is really happening.


Mira Sanders, 2005

Spass Muss Sein!

March 2005 I traveled around in Germany, in the neigbourhood of Karslruhe. Driving by car, visiting cities as Frankfurt and Köln on your way back home, Brussels. At some stops (Raststätte), you look around, take some fresh air and then again back driving further. Traveling by car, is like looking constantly to a movie. The exception here, is that you are the director and that you can change the story whenever you want. Spaß muß sein! Is a common expression in Germany someone told me. As tourist you are always all ear to habits and expressions people have in the country you¹re traveling in. It sounds nice and at the same time oppressive. You have to enjoy! It sounds also like you¹re in a club and the animator is trying to enjoy the daily tourists. All they want is that you feel comfortable. As the messages when you¹re traveling by train: Šen vous souhaitant un agréable voyageŠwir wunschen Ihnen eine angenehme Reise...we wish you a good trip...we wensen jullie een aangename reis... The accident is the only factor which can disturb this harmony.

Technical rider:

1 x flag Spaß muß sein!

postal cards edited ...en vous souhaitant un agréable voyage... (1000)

2 x paintings

3 x drawings

1 x preiser (model) figure (leaving with her luggage)

1 x gyproc wall


Banu Cennetoglu: Are there any palmtrees in Grozny?

November 2004 a shopping mall called Piramit was demolished after 20 years of illegal presence Flattened land received 39 imported palm trees and became a candidate for a ŒPlage¹ July 2005 an insider announced that a ŒPlage¹ wouldn¹t happen instead a nightclub would be This land won¹t host anything It is a void

T.C.D.D. Turkish State Railways Recreation Camp It was for railways workers and their families to come and swim Now it is a tired place with a fancy entrance where nobody swims Since 6 years the camp has been divided 160 Chechen refugees live in one third of it Most of them are from Grozny and have no official ID A black force is boring the void

Military Zone is green and forbidden for civilians The houses of the generals take always the best locations of the cities They must be invisible for the maps where the city of Bursa replaces Istanbul Their must be safe presence greatly matters so they erase the others Meanwhile the officially absent black force keeps boring the void

2005 Fenerbahce, Istanbul


Rosa Barba:It's gonna happen

It¹s gonna happen, 16mm, colour, optical sound, 3min, 2005

The Film is separated in two different narrations, one is played back from the optical sound track of the movie, where we listen to a fictional phonecall conversation of "a³ president and his collaborator, planing a coup for the same night. The images show synchronously a description -projected as a science fiction filmscript- of the city by night in which the phonecall takes place.


> David Maljkovic, 2005

> something about telegram

> exhibition or meeting point...I chose the meeting point, Banu, Rosa, Mira,

> Diango helped me with that. They were my work.

> Yes, I made a work also, but that was just to gain some time - that was

> important.

> Rosa's studio was the place where you can gain the time, where tiredness was

> allowed as well as distraction...

> thank you all