Caa (contemporary art archive)

Lia Perjovschi


Installation/ work in progress/ workshop/ design/ laboratory/ research

(together with Dan Perjovschi)

Totul la vedere (live)

The installation is made while it is accessed. The installation of objects is doubled by the conceptual installation (discussion, dialog, confrontation). Maintaining an informal state: workshop, artist and public are equals. The artist as detective The artist gets clues, asks (himself) questions, puts information together, permanently analyses, puts the random elements in a logical order, get the whole picture. Explanations. Theories. Diagnosis. There are no mysteries, just ignorance. 200 images from international shows. The artist as researcher Permanent study and Mind building. Maps and drawings: today's art from the West and from Romania, conceptual art, curatorial studies, the management of an exhibition, critical theory, cultural studies. The artist as mediator Reading room: documentation files and a video collage on the installation art, conceptual art, performance art, electronic culture etc. Free publications. The discussion topics: How relaxed, normal, can we be? Invited; H.arta group, Ileana Pintilie, Sorin Vreme, Tudor Vreme, Dana Catona and Alexandru Patatics, as well as anyone who is curious, interested and interesting. It doesn't make sense without you! H.arta, 6-9 06. 2002, 11am-20pm Lia Perjovschi