The alternative space H.arta, located in Timisoara is a space run by artists, a place which tends to be a centre promoting contemporary art. It opened in December 2001 and ever since it was the location for some events in this field (lectures, presentations, workshops, discussions, etc.). The work at H.arta space is an attempt to overcome the limitations young artists encounter in the Romanian art system: traditionalist education, lack of information and communication, marginal position concerning art events - isolation. H.arta was thought from its very beginning as a place of communication. The idea was not about a gallery in which one could exhibit solely completed works, which offer the viewer a passive role; it was about creating a place for discussion, a place of interactions, a work place in which the public can create there adequate context. The space strategy developed in this direction, because this very kind of gallery/public relationship was missing in our local context. A relationship which would offer the beholder not just an opportunity for "admiration" or "contemplating" but, also, a space where the visitor could action and express his/hers opinions. Because the projects are developing difficultly (from different reasons, but especially because of the scarce founding), H.arta space lives according to a special rhythm. Usually it is totally empty (we don't have any furniture, computer, telephone, etc. and we are borrowing all that for each project). The space became alive and important when our public and we are there working on a show. And when H.arta is empty it gives you the feeling that it is a space of yet unfulfilled hopes and expectations.


Maria Crista, Anca Gyemant, Rodica Tache



Collect Call

Frame Work / Light Box Gallery


The Show Must Go On, project

Brend- discussions, work in progres

Media, Art and Gender: workshop/ presentations/exhibition

Lia Perjovschi – "Sense'

"Material"- exhibition

Presentation of the International Biennial of the Young Artists
Lecture – "Butoh- between dance and performance"
Presentation of the "Periferic"festival
Lecture "Marcel Duchamp and the modern art"
Studentfest: presentations/discussions