“The Show Must Go On” was a documentary project on the art galleries in Bucharest, analyzed from the critical perspective of a young artist, freshly graduate, who is dissatisfied not so much with the physical spaces where one is supposed to act as artist, but especially with the attitude of artists, critics, curators towards these spaces and the works presented/accepted here. H.arta space has been chosen to host this project, precisely because it is the space that misses in Bucharest, where almost everybody is focused on producing and presenting finished works. The project was also meant to deconstruct the myth of the capital city as a dynamic place that concentrates all the important and innovative trends. It was meant to show that quantity is not always a guarantee for quality. Apart from the artist’s interest in this type of analysis, born from a real discomfort within this narrow art scene, the project was especially conceived for H.arta and for the public in Timisoara. It consisted in a series of pictures – documenting the most known Bucharest art galleries, along a few months period –, accompanied by texts from the press and presentation materials from some of the exhibitions (posters, invitations). The discussions about/around/within the project brought forward issues like: the artists’ alternative to these spaces, the art educational system, the expectances of young artists (in Romania in general), the relationship between artists and curators, etc. The main goal was not to disqualify the galleries from Bucharest, but to raise awareness about the potential that artists have in their own proximity.

Raluca Voinea