The video project of the artist Stefan Constantinescu has its starting point in these questions: who am I,what was my childhood like in the “golden age” of Ceausescu’s regime? He is presenting the 1968-2000 period from a more or less autobiographical perspective concentrating on the automobile Dacia 1300, symbol of “the modern working class”, of “the progress” and of “the victory over the future”. The book is written by Ana Maria Zahariade and Tom Sandqvist. Ana Maria Zahariade is writing about the pseudoarchitecture in Romania in Ceasescu’s period while Tom Sandqvist describes the political basis as well as the everyday life in the age of the communist regime. The film has 62 minutes and it consists in old archive images, propaganda materials and 13 interviews with the old neighbors from the building where the Constantinescu family used to live in Colentina neighborhood, in Bucharest. Stefan Constantinescu is borne in 1968, finishes his studies at the Art Academy in Bucharest in 1996 and since 1993 lives in Sweden. Between 1994 –1998 he studies at the Royal Art Academy from Stockholm.