Frame Work / Light Box Gallery is a project initiated by Format foundation. The project proposes the launching of an ambient gallery organized as modules, as a series of spaces filled with light, located in public space. The project is about the analyzing, the documenting and the implementing of a process meant to create an organic link between the architectural concept of the locating of an object with a precise function in a certain site and the curatorial/ artistic concept for which this object is meant.

Alexandru Patatics

The specificity of the site determined the creation of an architectural object that is the location for shows as well as it is itself, shown. In both situations the object has the characteristic of “openness’. This openness gives the street a second function, that of being a space for shows. The new object doesn’t interfere with the main function of the street, that of circulation, but enriches the street with a new function, equally important, that of being a space for events.